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Bob, Johnny and Fred got to observe, and participate in, the Conway Police Department's Active Shooter training, using gear that was purchased with a
donation from our Lions Club.  The equipment is equally useful for alternative training.  The scenarios included two and three-person teams searching for an
active shooter on the premises, a possible domestic violence offender "at his house", and a verbally abusive, non-compliant, bank robber (Bob) in a pulled-over
getaway car.  The events showed just how exposed they are in these situations, having to be aware of life-threatening exposure at all times, from all directions,
and reacting accordingly, while at the same time, being aware of and protecting innocent civilians.

This session included eleven officers.  There is another training session scheduled for Sunday, December 10th.
Future sessions will be scheduled for training officers from surrounding towns.  They were very appreciative of the donation.

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